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Using the Dominant Dog Collar by Ed Frawley
This collar is not intended to give a painful correction.
It is inteded to take the air away from the dog.

Dogs are put to sleep everyday for aggression problems more than any other reason. A lot of these dogs can be saved. With the right training and living with owners who understand how to control their dog's environment, these dogs can be rehabilitied, safely controlled, and live a well-managed life.

Killing a dog should ALWAYS be a last resort. Learning how to use a dominant dog collar can and will often make the difference as your dog will look up to you as its pack leader.

This collar was designed to be used for handler-aggressive dogs or dog-aggressive dogs. When you use a prong collar on these kinds of dogs, they will many times over-stimulate the dog. The dog becomes stressful which results into more aggression. Using a dominant dog collar CORRECTLY on the same dog will diminish it's drive and take out the fight in the dog.

Using the Dominant Dog Collar

Dog owners need to determine whether or not if their aggressive dog needs a correction. They also need to determine if their dog needs to have their environment controlled or if it simply needs to be redirected away from the situation that triggers the aggression.

How to correct an aggressive dog:
Lift straight up. Do not jerk your leash!

Truth is, avoiding certain circumstances will often solve the problem. For example, if your dog is aggressive at the door, just put him in a dog crate when company comes. If your dog is aggressive at certain dogs on your block, don't walk your dog by that house again.

However, if you determine that your dog does need a correction, you must first determine what level of correction to administer.

For dogs with a softer temperament, simply pulling the dominant dog collar upwards with the leash is often enough to stop a dog's unwanted aggression. They will quickly learn that you have complete control over them.

On dogs that are more aggressive, the handler should lift the dog's front feet of the ground for a few seconds until the dog settles down from his aggressive rage. You're telling the dog that you do not tolerate his behavior at all.

Most aggressive dogs only need to have their front feet lifted off the ground a few times to realize that you can take their air away when you want. This is not painful for the dog.

Some people may find this method cruel but individuals need to keep in mind that solving an aggression problem this wasy is easier on a dog than killing him. Is there a more humane way to deal with seriously aggressive, dominant dogs?

Also, remember what I said previously in the article: Many situations can be avoided and can counter-condition a dog to many triggers of aggression. Simply avoid those sitations. However, doing so may not work for your dog. If that's the case, that's when the dog needs a correction to respect the handler as a leader.

A prong collar will often make matters worse. The dominant dog collar will take drive out of the dog.

The key for this work is to make sure the handler is strong than the dog. In other words, "Don't pick a fight you can't win."

Handlers SHOULD NOT jerk the collars like you would with a prong collar. Jerking the collar will cause muscle damage to the dog's neck.

Living the dog up as I've explained does not cause any damage to the dog. It only takes the air away. It is NOT painful but does get the attention of the dogs.

REMAIN CALM. This is the first and foremost important thing you must do during the process of using the dominant dog collar. Don't scream or fight with the dog. You need to let the dog know that you are boss--one that simply needs to pull up the leash to take the air away. Screaming or fighting with him will add more stress and anger to the dog and he will see you as a bully, not a leader.

This work is about saving dogs lives. It's about fixing problems that inexperienced people created in their dogs. It's about rescuing a dog that others would have killed.