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Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star Electric Collar

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The Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star with LCD Screen is a powerful, ultra-compact e-collar for entry level pet training, K-9 or sporting dog unit for mild mannered or stubborn dogs.

The LCD Screen accurately displays the exact level of stimulation along with a battery life indicator.

The “Constant” stimulation gives you plenty of guidance or correcting power and the “Nick” is mild but motivating. The "Pager" button is non-stimulating pager/vibration feature.

The dial on the transmitter allows you to change the level of the collar even as you are working the dog. The LCD screen displays the exact level your collar is set to. This will make it easier to adjust the intensity level and to know what your collar is set to and how much you are increasing or decreasing the setting. The blue LCD screen on the Dogtra 1900NCP is perfect for low light or dim areas.

There is a three-bar battery life indicator on the transmitter that indicates the battery life left for your collar/receiver.

  • Easy to use
  • Fully waterproof transmitter and collar/receiver
  • Easily visible blue LCD screen displays exact level of stimulation and can be seen in dark or low light conditions
  • Both "Nick" and "Constant" stimulation and "Pager" non-stimulation vibration features.
  • Rechargeable, user-replaceable Ni-MH batteries.
  • Three-bar battery life indicator.
  • 1/2 mile range
  • Low to high power
  • No external antenna on the collar

Get the Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner DVD!

This DVD is the best remote collar training in the market, produced by Ed Frawley in 2005. Here is what Ed Frawley has to say about remote collar training:

Most remote collar manufacturers have produced a training DVD that comes with their collars. All of these companies mistakenly feature Avoidance Training in their DVDs. In my opinion, this is a huge mistake. I have trained dogs for 45 years and have used remote collars for 25 years. There is a better way!

In its simplest form, the way avoidance training works is to first stimulate the dog with the collar and then give a command. The concept is you teach the dog to "turn off the stimulation."

In my opinion this is BACKWARD training. It's unfair to the dog. You correct the dog before you even ask him to do something. Dog training needs to be BLACK and WHITE and this method of training is GREY. Dogs trained in avoidance training often don't understand where the stimulation comes from because the stimulation comes before the command.

Does avoidance training work? Absolutely! It is a very quick way to train a dog. This is why professional trainers use it. I guess if I trained dogs for people I would probably consider using it because it is so quick. I am thankful that I don't train other peoples dogs and I can take the time needed to work with my own dogs.

I prefer my way of training. I teach the dog that the stimulation comes from ME. I want my dog to know that I AM THE ONE WHO CAN REACH OUT AND TOUCH HIM any time I wish.

To accomplish this I always teach the dog the meaning of a command first. I use motivational methods for this training. The dog is motivated with food, praise or a toy during the learning phase.

Once the command is understood, I then introduce distractions so the dog can move into the correction phase. When a dog refuses a command it is ALWAYS told "NO" and given a very short period of time to comply (about 1.5 seconds). If it does not comply after the command "NO" then it is stimulated with the remote collar.

This simple concept is very BLACK and WHITE to the dog. It either minds or it is told "NO" and is stimulated. Dog's quickly learn that they MUST LISTEN TO YOU AND FOLLOW YOUR VOICE COMMANDS or there are consequences.

My video teaches how to desensitize a dog to wearing a collar (in a much better way than the manufactures training DVDs). It teaches how to determine the level of stimulation to use on a dog because every dog is different. It also covers problem solving and aggression issues in dogs. If you go to the web page on this DVD you can read a detailed description of what's on the DVD.

In closing, I will say that all of the collar manufacturers should go back to dog training school. They have their head stuck in a hole for 25 years. They promote a method of training that was used 25 years ago. Don't fall into their trap. This way is a better way for your dog.