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Dominant Dog Collars

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These collars are intended towards dominant dogs who may show signs of aggression or dominance. We highly suggest you read our article on Using a Dominant Dog Collar to learn more about this product.

How to Fit the Leerburg Dominant Dog Collar

We sell these collars in 1-inch increments, from 8 inches up to 28 inches in size.

Measure the dog's neck just under the jaw and right behind the ears. Use a string or cloth tape measure. The string should be VERY SNUG. It should be as tight a measurement as you can get it. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have the tightest possible measurement located at the top of the neck directly below the jaw line. Order a collar that is the exact length of that measurement.

If you have measured your dog's neck properly and your dog's neck size is in between two sizes, then order a collar that is the next size smaller. For example if your string size is 13 ½ inches then order a 13-inch dominant dog collar. (The hardware is smaller on the dominant dog collars that are 8 - 12 inches. The hardware is larger on the collars that are 13 inches and larger.)

For example, if the string that goes around your dogs neck is 14 inches then you order a 14 inch dominant dog collar. DO NOT ADD INCHES FOR SLACK! The slack is already accounted for because of the hardware used on the collar.

It is SO VERY IMPORTANT to get a tight, snug measurement. There should be no extra room at all between the dog's neck and the tape measure or string.

When these collars are properly fit they will stay in place and not slip down the neck. If you start to add inches to the string, you will get a collar that is the wrong size. It will not stay in place and not be as effective for training.